Saturday, June 25, 2011

At a Family Reunion with Non-Readers....

Everyone's mostly fishin' today. What would YOU be doing?
This is totally what I look like while I'm reading


  1. Mm, that looks lovely. I would probably be reading, too, though not looking quite so picturesque. :) I'd probably have my bare feet dipped in the water, too.

  2. If I tried reading like that, I'd probably end up in the stream. Gracefulness is not a strong point of mine. Enjoy the reunion!

  3. Love reading, love family reunions, and I love that picture!

    One of the reasons that I read is so that I will have something to talk about with those family members who I don't have anything else to talk about with.

  4. Great picture, but my tailbone hurts just looking at it. I'd need more cushioning and a different angle. But I love reading outdoors. That's how I read "Gone With The Wind" when I was 16--at the beach in Hawaii.

  5. Shallee--well, I'll confess I NEVER look quite that picturesque. :)

    Christine--I was smart and actually kept the book away from the water.

    Shelly--but what do you say to people who don't like to read?

    Donna--oh, she has a cushion under her! No way can she look that comfortable without it!

  6. You know what's weird? That's how I look when I read too :)

  7. Steven--yeah, that IS weird! Who'd have thought we'd have the same taste in dresses, huh?


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